Good Morning Members.


We hope all of you, your families, and your co-workers are well. We wanted to update you on the 2021 conference to be held in Long Beach California, hosted by Southern California Edison and Milwaukee Tool.


It is unfortunate but we have decided that it is in the best interest of everyone to cancel this year’s conference. It is extremely unfortunate that we have had to cancel two conferences in a row, this is something we really didn’t want to do. At this time we are just not certain what the conditions will be and what restrictions will be in place. Your safety is our number one interest and we just cannot predict what the future will bring.


We also discussed holding a virtual conference but in discussion with members and vendors, we believe face-to-face interaction and networking is the best way to hold this conference.


The planning team has done an excellent job securing a venue, speakers, and vendors so we would like to take all their hard work and effort and transfer that into the 2022 conference. Thank you very much planning team!


The 2022 IUOTA/IUSTA Conference will be held at the Hotel Maya in Long Beach California from August 15th to August 17th (the CUSP portion of the conference has moved to online and can be found here www.usoln.org).


Southern California Edison and Milwaukee Tool have graciously decided to stay on as host utility and host vendor. We can’t thank them enough for their support and effort to date.


A new registration link for the 2022 conference and hotel will be sent out in the November/ December time frame.


I would also like to thank all of our vendors for their ongoing support as we could not do this without them! If you get a chance please support our vendors.


In the meantime please continue to post questions or surveys on the Facebook page and through Pat O’Brien and Mark Todd.


Let’s continue the drive towards an incident-free industry by sharing ideas, lessons learned, and best practices.


Please continue to stay safe.


Thank you for your continued support, stay safe.


On behalf of the IUOTA Executive

Amanda Campbell – Vendors

Scott Baughn – Vendors

Bo Maryyanek – Past Chairman

Mark Todd - Co-Secretary

Pat O’Brien – Secretary

Mark Taylor - Chairman


What is IUOTA?


The primary purpose of the organization is to promote increased efficiency and effectiveness of training for Overhead and Underground personnel through the exchange of ideas and training information. The scope of training activities includes safety, communications, operations, maintenance, general work practices, and policies related to training.


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